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Thursday, 14 February 2013

New pie available at Muniroh's Bakery: Engadiner Nusstorte (Swiss Caramel Walnut Pie)

We received Ladlust magazine every other month from my hubby's godfather for our wedding present. Despite being in Deutsch and I know ein bisschen (a little) of it, the pretty pictures in the magazine never failed to make me flip the pages until the end. Sometimes I asked my hubby to translate the nice recipe in the magazine, even though most of the time the ingredients are not available in Malaysia.

For the winter edition, the magazine featured walnut as the main ingredient for its cooking section. What caught my eyes was the delicious torte (pie) picture - Engadiner Nusstorte (walnut pie). The pie looks so good that I know I must make one someday.

Engadiner Nusstorte is a traditional Swiss pie, but the pie is also famous in other parts of Germany. It is made with rich butter pastry with caramelised walnut. My hubby said that the pie is sweet, so I reduced the amount of sugar to suit our liking.

After the pie was done, I was hoping not to eat it until the next day but my curiosity beats my determination. From a small slice it became large slices as my hubby asking for more helping. We ate half of the pie in just one day, that shows how good the pie was. The best part was when my hubby said that it tastes similar to the traditional one. Knowing where he comes from, it was definitely a compliment ;)

This pie is definitely a must try for nuts lover :) It is as good as pecan pie, but different :D


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