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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Birthday dinner at White Brick Oven - Yummy vegetarian food

I asked my husband to bring me to White Brick Oven for my birthday dinner. We regularly order European breads (rye, vollkornbrot, scones, foccacia etc) from Martin a.k.a Mustapha the owner of this place. Martin is one of the few artisan bakers in Malaysia, and I must say that his bread is one of the best around. If you are not familiar with European breads then I must warn you that it is hard unlike the much-processed-with-lots-of-preservatives Gardenia's bread.

Martin not only have a cool brick oven, but also a mill to grind the grain. He makes his own flour and he bought the grain from Turkey.

He has some breads on display ready to be bought, or you can email him and order the kinds of bread that you like to have. The range is pretty wide, from sweet things like apple strudel to normal bread like white bread.

Martin also offers dinner per request, and this was the second time we ate there :) He only offers vegetarian food, and I must say it is the best vegetarian food that I have tasted so far. Really fresh and healthy. Martin is a very health cautious person, and he makes sure that the food that he eats and cooks is free from preservatives, coloring, imitation flavoring etc. I told my husband that if I eat this kind of food everyday, I don't mind being a vegetarian at all - that shows how good the food was.

Owh and guess what we had for dinner, yummy rye bread, lentil soup, tomato salad and really delicious ratatouille :D Yup, thanks to the cartoon I've been dying to taste it, and finally I did :DD The ratatouille has nice basil smell and the taste was simply delicious. I have never thought that I would love zucchini like this. The combination of red and green capsicum, eggplant and zucchini was awesome. 

The lentil soup was sooo good too! I can't even see the lentil bean inside the soup. I'm going to make this next time and hope I can make it as good as Martin.

If it wasn't for the location, I would come to this place almost every other week. Sungai Buloh is too far...and I hate the traffic passing through KL. We went there by bike to avoid the traffic, and my butt was aching like hell when I step down despite the extra thick 'cushion' that I have. 

I requested carrot cake for the dinner. That was my first birthday cake for this year (yup I have more cakes for my birthday, I will post it later) and it tasted yummy!! I enjoyed it soooo much.

Martin and his wife were super friendly and nice. We talked all night long that we stayed there quite late. I always enjoy their company :) Martin always entertain us with his story when he was young being in other countries, how drivers in Malaysia are reckless,  the 'real bread' campaign etc. Martin reminds me of Santa Claus despite of kain pelikat (a type of sarong that Malay men usually wear) and white t-shirt that apek (old Chinese guys) likes to wear.

I will come to this place again next time, definitely! And I highly recommend this place to you guys :)

Price for dinner is RM 25 per person, maximum is 20 people (if I'm not mistaken). You can contact Martin for the menu etc.


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