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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pavlova with mango topping

The first time I heard its name I thought it was a Russian dessert. Owh boy, was I wrong. It was originated from Austalia or New Zealand named after a Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova (well, I was close :D). I remembered eating eat once, but didn't like the taste because I was expecting it to be a cake, something like strawberry shortcake. 

Suddenly I have this crave of eating eat it that I decided to make one. I don't have any kiwi, strawberries or passionfruit; how people traditionally eat Pavlova. So I decided to top it with mango instead.

I would say that it tasted good (chewah), but if I eat it too often I will get diabetes in the near future.

Bak kata (Based on what) my darling husband said "I want to live at least five more years with you without getting diabetes" :D


Unknown said...

wah... kene pulak skrg musim harummanis ;)

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