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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tiramisu cupcakes using mascarpone cheese

Munirah Faudzi from Faculty of Science, UPM ordered 16 tiramisu cupcakes especially for her family. I used mascarpone cheese for the cupcakes thus they tasted DELICIOUS! Mascarpone cheese has lighter taste than cream cheese, and it is softer too. Real tiramisu uses mascarpone cheese instead of cream cheese, however, lots of bakers in Malaysia use cream cheese instead because of the price. Yup, this mascarpone cheese is freaking EXPENSIVE IN MALAYSIA (okay, I really have to emphasize that)

Anyway, these cupcakes have ladyfingers as the based (made from scratch by me), mascarpone cheese layered in between and topped with whipped cream with cocoa powder. Muni doesn't like the cake to have strong coffee taste thus I reduced the amount of coffee in these cupcakes.

16 cupcakes in 2 oz solo cup
RM 75

These cupcakes are really yummy and refreshing. Muni send me sms and she told me she LOVE them. I really love it when my customers are happy :) Thanks Muni for your order :)

p.s: It is weird to call someone Muni when my family nickname is Muni too hahahaha


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