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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Birthday cake for my supervisor :D

Dr Siti's birthday was during Ramadhan. We could not celebrate her birthday together hence I baked red velvet cake for her. I know how much she loves my vanilla frosting thus I used it for decorating the cake. If you ask me personally, I prefer vanilla frosting than cream cheese frosting for red velvet cake because it is more original (the original red velvet cake uses vanilla frosting). Then again, it depends on ones preference. I am a vanilla fan after all :D

I wasn't at the lab when she arrived to pick up the cake, but from what I heard, she was really happy and delighted. She was smiling when she saw the cake (awww, that's sweet :)).

Few days later she told me that she loved the cake and it was really delicious. Thanks Dr Siti for the compliment (even though I know you don't read my blog haha). I am happy that my supervisor was happy, and I do think she deserved to be appreciated. 


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