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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

White chocolate with green tea marble cake with creamy vanilla and green tea frosting ordered by

Nadia, a friend of my former housemate, ordered 1 kg white chocolate with green tea marble cake with creamy vanilla and green tea frosting. I was surprised she ordered this cake, since it is kind of rare for a Malay to like green tea. My family has always like green tea because of its bitterness and health benefit, however, not many Malays like the taste. Malay food is either spicy or sweet, thus I understand why green tea is not in the Malay favorite food and drink list. I do know that other races like Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc love green tea flavor, and I hate my sister for that since she can enjoy all the yummy green tea desserts in Japan. 

1 kg white chocolate and green tea marble cake
Price: RM 45

She told me that her family loves tea, and she initially planned to eat this with her family. Too bad she could not go back and meet her family, but she did enjoy the cake! I am glad to know that, and thanks Nadia for the feedback.

Honestly, this cake is wonderful. It is not bitter, and yet not that sweet. The taste of the green tea really complement with white chocolate and vanilla frosting, you should give it a try if you want to try something new and rare (in Malaysia) :)


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