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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Delicious pies available at Muniroh's Bakery

I have always looking forward for Pi day (as in pi = 3.142) in UCD. On that day, the Silo and other cafes always offer delicious pies with cheap price. My favorite? well there are many, but pumpkin pie is my number one favorite :D

Anyway, I also bake pie aside cakes. I know people love to order cakes/cupcakes, but maybe you guys should try out some of my delicious pies as well. Here are some of the pies that Muniroh's Bakery provides.

Pecan pie- pecan has strong caramelly taste, and this pie brings out the flavor of pecan. Nutty, caramelly and not that sweet. Lots of my friends love this pie because it is not that sweet and they can taste the pecan really well.

Chocolate truffle pie- really chocolatey pie with delicious digestive biscuits or oreo as based. Recommended for chocolate lovers.

There are more pies offered by Muniroh's Bakery like pumpkin pie, durian custard pie etc, and you should give them a try sometimes :)


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