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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pecan pie ordered by Kak Ferrol

Don't you just love nuts? I am a big fan of them and could eat a bucket full while ignoring the little voice in my head saying 'pimples~ pimples~'- which explain why my face looks like a pepperoni pizza at the moment 

Pecan, of all nuts, is my favorite. It has caramelly taste and tastes really good with ice creams, cakes, etc. I really love pies, and  have been dying to try pecan pie when I was an undergraduate but never had the chance to do so. My friend tasted it once and said it was too sweet for her liking so when I decided to make one for myself I reduced the amount of sugar by half.

I find the pie really good and love it so much. I totally recommend it to those who love nuts like me. 

Kak Ferrol, a friend of my friend, ordered a pecan pie from me few weeks ago (yeah, I rarely update my blog now), and she said she likes it and even eat it with ice cream because it is not that sweet hohoho. Thanks kak Ferrol for the order :)

Anyway, I am not sure if any of you aware of this but pecan is damn expensive in Malaysia! 500 gm for RM 20++!!!!!!! Oh man...I think the only cheap stuff here are sugar and palm oil, and I don't even use palm oil for cooking (sorry Dr Siti - yeah I know my research is on oil palm but I am not really a big fan of it hoho)


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