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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Snickers poke cake and the baker other side ;)

Yesterday was the last lab that I will be teaching for this semester. Even though it was quite fast, I have other things to do for the next coming weeks, thus I had to combine two experiments in one day. It would have been quite hectic if I haven't handled the lab before, but I have been teaching the Agriculture Biochemistry lab since 2011 plus I started doing molecular works since master. Hence, everything went smoothly (or so I think).

During the semester, I have been rewarding the students with my homemade treats to encourage them to participate in the lab. Little do they know that their lab instructor is actually a baker at night ;). Surprisingly, the method works, the students spoke more and actively engaged in the lab compared to my previous students.

As a reward for them being a great students, I made a 'Snickers' poke cake for them to celebrate on the last day of lab. The cake was pretty easy to make, and it looks more simple than the previous cakes that I have made before. There is no Snickers in the cake, the taste; however, remind me of it.

'Snickers' poke cake

The poke cake was made with chocolate cake which has been poked several times with chopstick; hence, the name came from. Homemade salted caramel sauce was poured on the cake, and the sauce went inside the cavity (owh so delicious) and it was topped with dairy whipped cream, drizzled with generous amount of pecan, shaved chocolate and caramel sauce. It was not that sweet, due to the salt. That is why I love salted caramel so much as the salt complements the sweetness of the caramel.

The thing I like about this cake is that it is simple to prepare, and yet tastes soooo good! It is quite handy if you have a last minute party or potluck to attend and want to bring something delicious and easy to make ;)

The students enjoyed it :) too bad I had a small piece of it and didn't have the chance to have an extra bite.

Me with some of the students in the lab. There are male students too, but I guessed they were too shy to take pictures with the beauties ;)
Anyway, teaching the lab was fun, it reminds me why I'm doing it at the first place. I love teaching, and I love to be part of the students. Too bad I don't remember their names; nevertheless, I will love to have a quick chat with them if I bump into them at the Faculty.
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