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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pecan pie ordered by Kak Ferrol

Don't you just love nuts? I am a big fan of them and could eat a bucket full while ignoring the little voice in my head saying 'pimples~ pimples~'- which explain why my face looks like a pepperoni pizza at the moment 

Pecan, of all nuts, is my favorite. It has caramelly taste and tastes really good with ice creams, cakes, etc. I really love pies, and  have been dying to try pecan pie when I was an undergraduate but never had the chance to do so. My friend tasted it once and said it was too sweet for her liking so when I decided to make one for myself I reduced the amount of sugar by half.

I find the pie really good and love it so much. I totally recommend it to those who love nuts like me. 

Kak Ferrol, a friend of my friend, ordered a pecan pie from me few weeks ago (yeah, I rarely update my blog now), and she said she likes it and even eat it with ice cream because it is not that sweet hohoho. Thanks kak Ferrol for the order :)

Anyway, I am not sure if any of you aware of this but pecan is damn expensive in Malaysia! 500 gm for RM 20++!!!!!!! Oh man...I think the only cheap stuff here are sugar and palm oil, and I don't even use palm oil for cooking (sorry Dr Siti - yeah I know my research is on oil palm but I am not really a big fan of it hoho)

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Devil's food cake ordered by Eli Lilly (M) Sdn Bhd

This was the second time I made a cake for Eli Lilly (M) Sdn Bhd, thanks to my lovely friend who is working there. The cake was for August babies, and I recommended to Farah this cake because it is one of my favorites. I used chocolate buttercream for the frosting and the texture was not that smooth hence explained the snail looking swirl. I could not make chocolate roses using this frosting because of its rough texture. Honestly, the chocolate buttercream is not really my favorite, I prefer my creamy chocolate frosting compared to this one. 

I told Farah to let the cake be at room temperature at least 10 minutes before cutting and eat because the frosting harden when I took the cake out from the fridge. The next day I received a message from Farah and she said the cake was hard, I was surprised (and kalut) and I remind her again that because of the buttercream's texture, the cake needs to be at the room temperature for few minutes. Few hours later to my surprised she messaged me again and said everyone enjoyed the cake :) *phew* that was a relieved :D 

Thanks Farah for the order, I am glad that you and your coworkers enjoyed the cake :)

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Red velvet cake ordered by Nadia Hashim

I met Nadia when I went for squid jigging at Terengganu few years ago. Her friend and my friend organized the trip and it was such a wonderful experience. Just imagined 6 females and 5 males on fisherman boat from 7 pm to 12 am without proper toilet (except for the open hole at the back of the boat) and we (females) had to hold our bladder like hell until we found proper toilet with doors haha.

Nadia was the best squid jigger among us as she caught the most squids (besides me and my friend hehe). I was impressed with her, she was quite, and yet had this hidden skill. She even helped the scared-y me to unhook the evil-looking-huge-squid from my  hook. 

I was not close to her, and we got in touch once again when she ordered a cake from me. She ordered this cake a month ago for Eid and she said that she and her family enjoyed this cake :) I am glad when she told me that. Thank you Nadia for the order, really happy to see you again :)

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Red velvet fully covered with cream cheese roses ordered by Dini

Here I am, in the lab, waiting for the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machine to end. If you are wondering what the hell is PCR and what the heck I am doing. Basically I am a full time graduate student who is doing research on plant molecular biology (a.k.a plant biotechnology). That machine is what I've been using since I started my master until I finish my lab work (which I don't know when). Anyway, it usually takes about 2 hours or more when I use this machine, thus I have some spare time to update my almost abandoned blog (huhu sorry bloggy~)

The pretty cake above was ordered by Dini, a customer from Bandar Baru Bangi. She requested the cake during the fasting season (yup, I rarely update my blog and you should check out my Facebook Page for my latest news and pictures) and asked the cake to be fully covered with cream cheese roses. I was happy to get such order because this is the time for me to improve my piping skill, and I must say that I was very satisfied with the result :D The cake looks so pretty and cute that I feel a bit reluctant of cutting it haha.

Owh, Dini said the cake was perfect! She even ordered a tall version of this cake for her hantaran (gift for the groom) which I will update later...or you can check the pictures at my page haha
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Monday, 17 September 2012

Red velvet cakes ordered by Deja

Wow, I haven't posted anything on my blog for a long time.....Yeah, I update my Facebook page more than blogger nowadays. The fact it is easier to upload pictures than writing a long blog post might be the reason why. Not that I don't like blogging, just that I don't have the time to blog since I am a full-time staff and student, part-time  baker, and part-time homemaker lalalala~ 

Anyway, Deja a friend of my sister ordered two red velvet cakes from me. One with vanilla frosting and another one with cream cheese frosting. If you look at the picture closely, the one with smoother cake coating and roses was with cream cheese frosting. Yup, my cream cheese frosting gives out very smooth texture and more stable than vanilla frosting thus it is easier for me to decorate the cake. The picture was taken before I accidentally dropped the cake from my car seat due to my careless and kalut (rush) behavior. I redecorated the cake afterward and they looked almost the same :D.

Deja preferred the cream cheese frosting more than the vanilla frosting, and she find the vanilla frosting a bit sweet for her liking. Thanks for the feedback Deja :D I'm happy that you and your family like the one with cream cheese frosting though :)

If you want to know more about my recent updates, do follow me on Muniroh's Bakery Facebook page as I update it more often than here :)

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache ordered by Mustapha

This is the second order from Mustapha and this time it is for his labmate birthday. The order was kind of last minute so I told him what I could make based on the availability of the ingredients at that moment. And walla~ moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate frosting. 

I wrote Happy Birthday DJ using the leftover cream cheese icing that I have. Mind you, DJ is a guy, just want to clarify any misunderstanding that occurs between UPMISA (UPM International Students Association) haha

I know Mustapha doesn't like sweet things but he told me the cake was great and all of his friend like it! Aww that's nice :) Thanks Mustapha for the order and it is wonderful to know that you enjoyed it :)

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chocoreo cheez ordered by Syam

It was few days after I created Muniroh's Bakery page that I received an order from Syam. That was the first time I got an order from someone not from my Facebook friends list and I was really excited. Syam lives             at Desa Parkcity and she requested me to deliver these to her house. I do delivery, just that it costs more since the price is for two ways (go and back). 

Anyway, I went to her place at night to avoid the nasty traffic congestion in KL. When I arrived back home, I quickly sms-ed her and asked for her feedback and she said she and her kids love it :) Awww, all of these nice feedback do wonder to me. Despite the late hour of baking and decorating, the satisfaction that I got from customers make me feel happy and stronger. I know that it is cheesy, but it really motivates me to bake more delicious goodies in the future. Thanks for the order Syam, really glad that you like it :)

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