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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting ordered by Aishah

Aishah, a friend of Nazira whom I met during my squid jigging trip few years ago (such a small world), ordered dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting for her gathering. It was kind of last minute but since I have the ingredients at home and I don't have any order during that day so I took her order (yes you can order last minute too IF I have all the ingredients at home and I don't have much order on the day that you want)


I asked her feedback and she said it was delicious and she can order it again in the future :) I'm happy with that :D

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla frosting
Size: 7'
Weight: 1++kg

Price: RM 40

Thanks Aishah for the order, and I am glad that you like it :)

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hummingbird cake and mini pavlova with strawberry ordered by Suffi

This was Suffi's third order from me (thanks Suffi :) ) She ordered hummingbird cake with pecan and extra cream cheese frosting and mini pavlova with strawberry for her sister in law engagement ceremony. Since I was in Shah Alam visiting my sister, I dropped by her place and delivered the goodies.

I asked Sufi's feedback for both goodies and she said that she loved the pavlova :) Hummingbird cake was okay for her. It is good, but it didn't give her the same 'kick' like my red velvet cake or chocoreo cheez cake. I asked her whether she likes it more than carrot cake, and she said that she loves carrot cake, but this one have more banana taste and she does not really favor it. Thank you so much for the honest feedback Suffi, I really appreciate that. I'm gong to recommend her and my other customers the types of goodies that are suitable for their liking :)

The taste of hummingbird cake is a combination of carrot cake and banana cake, but bare in mind that the banana taste is intense in this cake. If you don't favor banana taste, then I won't recommend this cake for you. If you on other hand like me who loves banana, then this one is for you :) 

I find it funny that most Malaysians don't really like banana and coconut flavors while it is the other way around in the US. I guess because banana and coconut are at abundance in Malaysia, lots of people don't really appreciate the taste like in the US.

2-layer hummingbird cake with pecan and extra cream cheese frosting
Weight: 2+ kg
Price: RM 80
16 2.5 inch mini pavlova with strawberry and chocolate shaved
RM: 45

Anyway thanks for the order Suffi, and thank you for the honest feedback :) Next time I would recommend something chocolatey and cheesy because I think that suit your taste more :)

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Crème brûlée cake

I'm easily influenced by cartoons, anime, movies when it comes to food. I remember when I watched High School Musical when I was an undergraduate, I felt like making  crème brûlée  because one of the supporting actors was into cooking and want to make the perfect  crème brûlée . I never tasted it and decided to make it shortly after watching the movie. 

Since then, it has become one of my favorite desserts. I kept making it whenever I have extra money (since I was a poor college student - and yet I am still a poor graduate student). When I came back to Malaysia, I am quite pissed with the price of  crème brûlée offered by the restaurants here. Not only it is pricey, the size is really small as well.

Anyway,  crème brûlée  has always been my favorite because of its rich creamy taste, and I have been looking   for recipe to make the cake version of it like the  crème brûlée  cheesecake at Secret Recipe. To my disappointment, I could not find any so I decided to make up the recipe myself. And voila~ my first trial of  crème brûlée cake. A layer of cake and cream with burned cream on top.

I make the cream part really thick because I like it that way hehe, but I could adjust the thickness the way that you want it to be :) The price of crème brûlée cake depends on the thickness of cream that you want, technically thicker cream will be more expensive since I will be using more heavy cream (and that costs a lot!).

Anyway, when I brought the cake to the la, it finished almost instantly! and lots of people love it :D That shows how good the cake is :)

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

3 kg red velvet cake ordered by Eli Lilly and company

This was the first time I got an order for corporate event and I was like *gasp* :O Do you realize the stress level I had when I got this order, it was about the same level of stress I had when my supervisor ordered cake from me. Farah contacted me few weeks earlier (yup the same Farah in my previous post) and asked quotations for cupcakes and cakes with edible image. Since she already tasted my red velvet cake and gave green light for it, she requested me to bake 3 kg red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and edible image of the company logo she is working at. 

Yes that is right~ If you need a quotation for your company event, I can provide the quotation form for you~ And it is a pretty fancy quotation as well~ :D  *gedik* and I will also provide payment receipt so that you can claim the money from your company :D

Anyway, so she requested me to deliver the cake to Crowne Plaza Hotel Kuala Lumpur since none of them were free before the event. It was a good thing I took a day off (I was sick during that week) so I could deliver the cake to her quite early before the mega traffic congestion in KL (don't you just hate that?!)

2-layer 3 kg red velvet cake with vanilla frosting
Edible image: RM 20
Cake: RM 80
Delivery to Crowne Plaza Hotel: RM 20
Total: RM 120

A short drama happened to Farah after I delivered the cake to her (which I won't bother telling you here, maybe you can check out her blog instead if she writes it) but everything went well and smooth and the best part is that everyone loved the cake! yeay~ Don't you just like that after the stress and all :D

I am very glad that everyone liked it, and I really appreciate the order Farah. Thank you so much for your order :)

Note: Edible image will be charged RM 20 for each A4 sized sugar paper that has to be printed. 

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Mini red velvet cuppies with vanilla and cream cheese frosting ordered by Nazua

Nazua, one of my regular customers, ordered 2 sets of mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and vanilla frosting. She came to pick up the goodies from my lab as she was on holiday on that day. She told me how much she likes the cupcakes, but it is kind of hard for her to get the cupcakes because of the location wise. 

2 sets 36 pieces mini cuppies
Price: RM 118.80
(One set RM 59.40)

I do apologize that I do not offer delivery service to far place due to my lab commitment. I will try to do delivery on weekends, but as I mentioned before, delivery won't be cheap as it is the price of two ways (go and back) that is why I always advise my customers to pick up the goodies at my place or anywhere that is convenient to them. 

Anyway, thanks Nazua for your order, I really appreciate how you keep ordering from me and even recommend me to your friends :)

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting ordered by Yana

Yana, Farah beloved sister, ordered a cake for her bbq party. Farah is my junior at UC Davis, and we've been closed even before going to UCD. Anyway, I know how much Yana likes pink thus I decorated the cake with pink roses. 

This will definitely become my default decoration for red velvet cake since a lot of people like it :) I asked for Yana and Farah feedback and these are what they said:

Yana: Mas, ur cake is awesome. Everybody loves it! It's moist, not overly sweet, just nice. And the deco is too pretty sayang nak But your cake dah nak habis . nyum nyum! 
Mas, ur cake is awesome. Everybody loves it! It's moist, not overly sweet, just nice. And the deco is too pretty to cut But your cake is alomst finishe. nyum nyum!

Farah: Akak! your cake is awesome! we love it so much!!

2-layer red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting
Size: 8'
Weight: 1.8 kg
Price: RM 85

Yana also offers great make-up service and you can check her blog and page, the same thing for Farah as well. This sister duo really good at makeup and you guys definitely have to check them out! :)

Anyway, thanks Yana for the order, and I am glad that you love it :)

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New page on Facebook

Hey guys, I just created a new page on Facebook. Like Muniroh's Bakery page and stand a chance to get special price and promotion in the future :)
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Monday, 23 July 2012

Red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting ordered by Daia

Daia ordered red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting for her mother's birthday :) She came to pick up the cake from me at the UPM Mosque before going back to Johor. For those who are interested of buying cakes but afraid that the frosting will melt during the journey, usually if you keep the cake in air conditioned place, the cake will still be okay and the frosting would be fine just that it will be a little bit soft. 

Anyway, I asked her feedback on the cake and this is what she said:
Sedap-sedap. First time family aku habis makan the whole cake, we never finish a cake. Haha
It was delicious. The first time my family finished eating the whole cake, we never finish a cake. Haha

Red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting
2 layer, 8'
Price: RM 90

Glad that you like the cake Daia :) And thank for ordering :)

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dark chocolate cake ordered by Amy

Amy, my former housemate, ordered dark chocolate cake for her lab. Her lab was having makan-makan (a favorite term for Malaysians which simply mean eat or eating for fun) and she ordered this cake for her lab members. I topped the cake with creamy vanilla frosting and oreo cream cheese frosting thus explain the grey and white roses.

Amy sms-ed me of her nice feedback and this is what she said:

Kek sedap! Padat. Kenyang giler! texture mcm brownies. Yg penting frosting tu sedap giler. Terutama yang cheese oreo tu mmg best sgt! Suke! Kwn2 yang tak suke mkn cream pun boleh makan. At first dorg takut manis sgt or tak sedap mcm cream yang jual kat kedai tu. But then, amy ckp yang ni lain...haa..diaorang try, then makan sampai habis. Semua makan cream and cake. xde yg buang rose kecuali soang iranian dia kate takut gemuk. Kami bantai je sampai habis. kek tak habis lagi ni..sbb kami mkn lepas lunch. mmg sgt padat la perut kami....tq kak!!!

The cake is delicious! Dense. We were so fulled! the texture is like bownies, but the most important thing is that the frosting is delicious. Especially the oreo cream cheese. I like! My friends who don't like to eat cream also eat it. At first they were scared it will be sweet or not delicious like the ones at stores. But then, I told them this is different, so they tried and even finished it up. Everyone at the cake and cream, no one discarded the rose except for one because she is afraid to gain weight. We just ate everything. hehehe...but the cake is not finished yet because we ate after luch. Our stomach is so full...tq sis!!!!

2 layer dark chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla frosting and oreo cream cheese frosting
Size: 8'
Weight: 2++kg
Price: RM 70

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Red velvet cake ordered by Watie

Watie a friend of one of my customers, Nazua, ordered 1 kg red velvet cake for makan-makan (eating for fun- Yes, Malaysians do love to makan-makan :) ). She requested the cake just like the one I did for Kak Nisah. She came to my lab to pick up the cake and I must say I was really impressed how easily she find my 'hidden' lab, and it turns out that she always come to UPM for her work huhu 

Few hours after we met, she sms-ed me and gave her feedback:
'Hye, ur cake is absolutely delicious...lurve it. :)

1 kg red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Price: RM 60

Very fast response :) Thanks Watie for the nice feedback, and thank you for ordering :) I am really glad that you love the cake

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mickey theme cupcakes and mini pavlova ordered by Hilmi

A friend of mine during preparation, Zulu a.k.a Hilmi, ordered cupcakes and mini pavlova for his friend's 1 year old son birthday. He asked me what kind of cupcakes are suitable and I suggested velvet cupcakes (red velvet cake minus the red coloring) and vanilla frosting. I omitted the red coloring just in case the parents want to feed the baby boy. He then requested the cupcakes to be decorated with Mickey theme and Mikail written on them. 

As for the pavlova, he requested mango, kiwi, and strawberry topping. He just want to try it for fun. I ased for his feedback and he said they were delicious! :)

12 2 oz Mickey theme cupcakes with edible image: RM 60
9 pieces 4' pavlova with mango, strawberry, and kiwi: RM 60

Thanks Zulu for the order, and I am glad that you enjoy them :)
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chocoreo cheez cake ordered by Suffi

My colleague, Suffi, ordered another cake from me. She requested a different cake this time so I suggested her this. Chocoreo cheez cake- chocolate oreo cake with oreo cream cheese topping. The cake, as the name suggested, is filled with lots of oreo biscuits. If you are a fan of oreo, you definitely have to try this :)

The cake was for her husband farewell barbeque party, and I drove to her house to deliver this cake. Please note I don't do delivery because of my labwork, but this was on Saturday thus I have some free time to go to her place (while my PCR was running). And yeah, delivery will cost more since the price is for two ways (go and back) so it is cheaper if you pick up your goodies anyway - this is my honest suggestion :)

Chocoreo cheez cake (it is not Oreo cheesecake fyi)
2++ kg
Pricing: RM 90
Delivery to Shah Alam: RM 20
Total: RM 110

I asked her opinion of this cake and this is what she said:

Guess what, kek Mas dah habes dimakan! lg sedap dr ur red velvet. Sumeorg yg mkn kata sedap.and siap ade yg mtk nk order kt Suffi! Haaahaa

Guess what, your cake is finished! It is more delicious than your red velvet. Eveyone who ate said it was yummy, they even asked me to order! Haahaa

Thanks Suffi for the order and the nice comment :)

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Red velvet cuppies with cream cheese and vanilla frosting for bridal shower ordered by Nad Joe

Nadiah Johari, a friend during preparation, ordered 16 pieces red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and vanilla frosting for her sister's bridal shower. 

She requested minimal decoration, so I just make two simple decorations - large rose and spiral with a heart, one decoration for one topping so that she and her family can tell the difference between the toppings. 

16 2 oz red velvet cupcakes with vanilla and cream cheese frosting
Price: RM 58

I asked her feedback of the cupcakes and this is what she said:
Mas! the cupcakes were awesome, seriously the best red velvet I've had this far :) everyone at the bridal shower said the same thing! Hehehe thanks soo much, now I know where to order for future events :)

Thanks Nad for the nice feedback. Glad that you like them :)
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mini red velvet cuppies - second order from Sheila

This was the second time Sheila ordered the same thing from me. I hope she enjoyed this cute cuppies. Thanks Sheila :)

Price: RM 59.40
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Chocoreo Cheez cupcakes ordered by Kak Wati

Kak Silawati, my colleague from UPM, ordered 16 pieces Chocoreo cheez cupcakes. 

This is definitely one of my favorite cupcakes, Oreo plus cream cheese *yum*. Let me know if you have any cupcakes you desire and I can test bake the cupcakes when I am free. Yup, currently I don't have much time  to try new cake recipes because of the orders that I received, but I will definitely try to create new cupcakes when I am free for sure. Thanks guys :)

16 pieces 2 oz Chocoreo Cheez cupcakes
Price: RM 68

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hummingbird cake - Yummy cake combination of banana cake and carrot cake

I was interested of baking this cake after I saw the recipe at Safiyyah's cool Magnolia Bakery cookbook. The name of this cake caught my eyes, and I have been dying to try the recipe ever since. Even though I was quite reluctant to bake it after knowing that pineapple is one of the main ingredients, I changed my mind after reading some of the great reviews about this cake. 

This cake was originated from Southern part of United States, and it is one of the famous cakes along with red velvet cake at that region. Some of the bakers said that the cake got its name because of the sweetness of the cake just like the nectar of the flowers. Knowing that, I reduce a lot amount of sugar because I want the cake to be just nice and not too sweet. 

I served this cake to our German guest and his Indonesian fiance during dinner. Both of them love the cake, and I love the cake as well. The cake is moist and dense because of banana, and the pecan makes it really caramel-ly and flavorful. Surprisingly, I could not taste the pineapple at all so this cake definitely a winner :D 

The cake, just like other reviewers said, does taste like combination of carrot cake and banana cake. Since I am a fan of both cakes, this cake is listed among of my favorites along with vanilla cake and tres leches cake. 

The fact pecan is one of the main ingredienst made me feel down a little bit because pecan costs RM 22++ (USD 7.3) for 250 g in Malaysia T_T. How I wish all dairy products and dried nuts and fruits are cheaper here.

p.s: let me know if you want to order this cake, I could use walnut for cheaper substitute. 

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Mini red velvet cuppies ordered by Sheila

Sheila called me few days before and asked about my goodies. She and her friend saw my mini red velvet cuppies pictures on Facebook and was interested to order them. They requested two different frosting - vanilla and cream cheese frosting. So like always, I only make two different designs so they can differentiate the frosting easily. 

We met at Komuter Serdang for pick-up, and we planned to change the location at BHP Petrol on the way before KTM Serdang instead because the station was packed with vehicles -_-!! 

Owh, and apparently Sheila's friend is Farah Fazarina's cousin (Farah was one of my close friends during preparation) hohoho such a small world :D

36 pieces mini red velvet cuppies
Extra cream cheese frosting - RM 1.80 a piece
Extra creamy vanilla frosting - RM 1.50 a piece
Total: RM 59.40 

Don't you think they are adorable :) I really love mini cuppies, they are so cute and you can control the amount that you eat (I think).

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dark chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting topped with chocolate ganache ordered by Huda

Huda, my lab-mate at UPM, ordered dark chocolate moist cake with creamy vanilla frosting and topped with chocolate ganache for makan-makan (eating just for fun)

I asked her feedback and she said she really love the vanilla frosting :) Thanks Huda for the order :)

2-layer dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate ganache
Weight: 1+ kg
Price: RM 50

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My story

I have sweet tooth and I've always liked eating sweet stuff that my sister baked when I was a small girl, that was until she went to university and I had to bake the goodies myself. It started with brownies and eventually with other desserts. I started baking cakes for friends' birthdays when I was in university, and most of them were instant mixes since that was the cheapest option for poor sponsored college student like me. I would say that the decoration was not bad for an amateur who never took any baking or decorating class haha

Birthday cake for Kumitaa and birthday cupcakes for Faris baked by me using instant mix that costed $1 (RM 4) at Safeway during promotion. Hella cheap right?

When I came back to Malaysia, I had the opportunity to attend  cupcake class held by Kak Edina. The class was really fun and plus the teacher was super nice and helpful :) I learnt how to use piping bag correctly and the proper technique of decorating cupcakes using buttercream. I made a cupcake business for a while called CuppyCuppy  but had to discontinue it because I wanted to concentrate on my research and I didn't have an oven at my rental house.

Years gone by and I was at the peak of my stress level and I needed SUGAR!

Before I was married, I always bought cakes, pies etc at L'apprenti, UPM - the nearest distance and cheapest option from my lab. I remember I went there once a week whenever I didn't get good lab result - yup doing research is not easy T_T . I still did that when I'm married (sometimes) when I realized I can just easily bake my own cakes at home. So whenever I needed sugar, I just whipped up something and put it in the oven. I took half (or quarter) at home and brought the rest to the lab so that I won't gain (that much) weight

I kept doing it for a while when I realized baking every week was not cheap. So I decided to open up baking business again but this time with more variety of goodies.

We (me and my husband) initially named it Cake Monster, and he even asked his brother to design cute monsters for my business (thanks Marius :). We changed it to Muniroh's bakery instead 
when my husband realized that my blog template did not match with the Cake Monster theme where it is supposed to be colorful and catchy.

Cute monsters sketched by Marius :)

Do I still do labwork? YES! I am a biotechnologist at day and an amateur baker at night, and I hope that I can be good in both in the future :) 

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Red velvet with extra cream cheese frosting for Kak Nisah

Kak Nisah, an acquaintance from UPM, ordered a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. She messaged me on Facebook and said that she would like to try my cake but could not make a decision of which one to choose. I recommend her this since this is the best selling cake so far.

Kak Nisah is a sweet tooth like me and she was so tempted with all the goodies that I posted on my Facebook album haha :D 

She is now 7-month pregnant and I hope her baby girl is as pretty and adorable like her. Thanks Kak Nisah for your order, I hope you and your family love this cake :)

2-layer red velvet cake with extra cream cheese topping
Price: RM 90

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