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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

White chocolate with green tea marble cake with creamy vanilla and green tea frosting ordered by

Nadia, a friend of my former housemate, ordered 1 kg white chocolate with green tea marble cake with creamy vanilla and green tea frosting. I was surprised she ordered this cake, since it is kind of rare for a Malay to like green tea. My family has always like green tea because of its bitterness and health benefit, however, not many Malays like the taste. Malay food is either spicy or sweet, thus I understand why green tea is not in the Malay favorite food and drink list. I do know that other races like Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc love green tea flavor, and I hate my sister for that since she can enjoy all the yummy green tea desserts in Japan. 

1 kg white chocolate and green tea marble cake
Price: RM 45

She told me that her family loves tea, and she initially planned to eat this with her family. Too bad she could not go back and meet her family, but she did enjoy the cake! I am glad to know that, and thanks Nadia for the feedback.

Honestly, this cake is wonderful. It is not bitter, and yet not that sweet. The taste of the green tea really complement with white chocolate and vanilla frosting, you should give it a try if you want to try something new and rare (in Malaysia) :)

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

New website~

I just created a new website for Muniroh's Bakery. Don't fret, I still keep my blog and updating it :)
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Devil's food cake ordered by Sarah

Sarah, my former housemate as well as colleague, contacted me and requested a special cake for her husband. She wants something that is not so sweet, with nuts, and decorated with roses as she loves the decoration I made for Amy's cake. I suggested Devil's food cake to her- fluffy and rich chocolate cake, as it is one of my favorites and I know how she loves chocolate as well.

This is my favorite chocolate cake so far because it uses chocolate bar instead of cocoa powder hence brings out the chocolate flavor more. Besides that, it is so airy and will know when you have a bite of it :D

To complement the cake, I uses whipped cream for the filling and covering the cake, and I topped the cake with chocolate buttercream and used chocolate cream cheese to make the roses.

The cake looks so goooood that I would love to have a bite of it T_T

2-layer Devil's food cake with whipped cream, chocolate buttercream, pecan and chocolate cream cheese
Weight: 2kg
Size: 8'
Price: RM 90

Sarah messaged me and said the cake was sooooo good that both side of the family members love it :) Thank you Sarah for the order, and glad that you like it :)

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting ordered by Samira

Samira, my lab mate, requested a special cake for her. I asked her what she likes and and she listed few things: banana, nuts, strawberry etc. I recommended her the hummingbird cake initially, then I changed my mind as I think this would be a great opportunity for me to bake a new cake.  One thing for sure, I want to use only fresh ingredients for this cake. I look at several options and decided to make strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese (using fresh strawberry of course :D) since I have never tried it before.

As I took out the cake from the oven, I was drooling like hell (oops pardon the word :D) because of the delicious aroma of the cake. The cake was really fluffy as well, I had to be gentle to cut the cake in half.

When I prepared the strawberry cream cheese frosting, my eyes sparkled looking at the color formation of the frosting- really nice natural pink color :D and yes, I couldn't stand with the delicious smell that I had to try some, and OH MY GOD it was the yummiest cream cheese I have tasted so far!! better than Philadelphia strawberry cream cheese spread!

While spreading the delicious frosting on the delicious cake I couldn't stop drooling and cursing myself for not making extra. If I had known it smelled this delicious, I would have baked some for myself *grrr*

The next day I passed the cake to Moloud, my lab mate as well as Samira's housemate. She shrieked with joy looking at the cake and she told me she can't wait to eat the cake :D

2-layer strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese using fresh strawberry
Weight: 500 gm
RM 50

After iftar (breaking the fast) Samira and Moloud sms-ed me and said they love the cake so much and it was delicious. Awww, thanks guys, and I am happy that both of you love it :)

Thanks for the order Samira, and glad that you love it :)
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Birthday cake for my supervisor :D

Dr Siti's birthday was during Ramadhan. We could not celebrate her birthday together hence I baked red velvet cake for her. I know how much she loves my vanilla frosting thus I used it for decorating the cake. If you ask me personally, I prefer vanilla frosting than cream cheese frosting for red velvet cake because it is more original (the original red velvet cake uses vanilla frosting). Then again, it depends on ones preference. I am a vanilla fan after all :D

I wasn't at the lab when she arrived to pick up the cake, but from what I heard, she was really happy and delighted. She was smiling when she saw the cake (awww, that's sweet :)).

Few days later she told me that she loved the cake and it was really delicious. Thanks Dr Siti for the compliment (even though I know you don't read my blog haha). I am happy that my supervisor was happy, and I do think she deserved to be appreciated. 

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Chocoreo cheez odered by Idah

Idah ordered chocoreo cheez from me few weeks ago. I haven't seen her for a while and it was pretty nice to meet up with her :) She ordered these cupcakes and I was happy to know that she loves them :) This is so far the most ordered cupcakes and I really recommend them if you like oreo, chocolate and cream cheese :D

Thank you Idah for the order, and glad that you love them :D

16 pieces Chocoreo Cheez
RM 68

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Chocolate truffle pie ordered by Arfah and Haidar

Arfah, my friend during primary school, ordered chocolate truffle pie after she saw the chocolate truffle pie that I posted on Muniroh's Bakery Facebook page. She came to my lab to pick it up from Ampang. Too bad it was on weekends thus a lot of roads closed on campus and I had to look at the map and guide her the way while talking on the phone. My lab is near to Lebuh Silikon (yes Lebuh Silikon is in UPM) but that road closes during weekends and public holidays. Since I am always at my lab during weekends, it is pretty tricky to get there, but do call me so that I can guide you :)

Chocolate truffle pie
9.5' RM 45

Owh, and another thing, I used Oreo instead of digestive biscuit as the pie shell since all stores that I went too run out of stock huhu. And yeah, Haidar, a friend of my friend also ordered the same thing but I didn't bother to take another picture of the pie since it looked similar to this one haha.

Thanks for the order Arfah and Haidar, glad that both of you love the pie :)

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Delicious pies available at Muniroh's Bakery

I have always looking forward for Pi day (as in pi = 3.142) in UCD. On that day, the Silo and other cafes always offer delicious pies with cheap price. My favorite? well there are many, but pumpkin pie is my number one favorite :D

Anyway, I also bake pie aside cakes. I know people love to order cakes/cupcakes, but maybe you guys should try out some of my delicious pies as well. Here are some of the pies that Muniroh's Bakery provides.

Pecan pie- pecan has strong caramelly taste, and this pie brings out the flavor of pecan. Nutty, caramelly and not that sweet. Lots of my friends love this pie because it is not that sweet and they can taste the pecan really well.

Chocolate truffle pie- really chocolatey pie with delicious digestive biscuits or oreo as based. Recommended for chocolate lovers.

There are more pies offered by Muniroh's Bakery like pumpkin pie, durian custard pie etc, and you should give them a try sometimes :)

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting ordered by Shida

Shida, my colleague's sister, ordered 40 pieces red velvet cupcakes for her company feast before Ramadhan (fasting season for Muslims). She loves the roses with pink and white swirl and requested me to decorate the cupcakes with that.

She requested me to deliver these cupcakes to Innobio, the company she's working at, since she doesn't have proper transportation to pick them up. 

40 pieces 2 oz red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting
Price: RM 120
Delivery to Nilai: RM 15

The company was pretty! that was the first time I've been to biotech company in Malaysia and I was pretty impressed with the interior. Didn't get the chance to see the lab though, but I bet I would have been impressed as well.

Thanks for the order Shida :) Oh I forgot, she love the cupcakes and said the frosting does taste like ice cream :) but she would like to have them less sweet next time :) Sure Shida, I will do that for your next order :)

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Creme brulee ordered by Munirah

Munirah is on of my regular customers, she tried creme brulee cake before and fall in love instantly with it. She loves custard thus she ordered creme brulee from me. Yes! I managed to make another person to love creme brulee *yeay* :D

Later on Munirah sms-ed me and said she loved it! Thanks Muni, glad that you like it :)

8' Creme brulee 
Price: RM 38

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pumpkin pie and cupcakes ordered by Sabrina

Sabrina requested pumpkin pie from me, and she asked whether I put cinnamon in it. I told her that I put it, and I could omit the spice if she doesn't want it since lots of Malaysians that I know don't like the taste. However, to my surprise she said she loves pumpkin pie with cinnamon. 

Then she messaged me again if it is possible to get 6 pieces of red velvet and 6 pieces of ying and yang cupcakes. Take note usually I don't take small number of cupcakes but since she already ordered the pie, so  I am okay with that.

I asked Sabrina for the feedback and she said she loved the goodies and would order more cupcakes in the future. She suggested I cook the pie for 5 minutes longer as what she did to make it perfect. Thanks Sabrina for the suggestion :)

Thank you Sabrina for the order, and I'm really glad that you love them :)

6 red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting: RM 15
6 Ying and Yang cupcakes: RM 24
9.5 inch pumpkin pie: RM 25
Total: RM 64

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Red velvet mini cuppies with cream cheese and vanilla frosting ordered by Nad Joe

This is the second time Nad Joe, a friend of mine during preparation, ordered from me :) (thanks Nad :D). She ordered this to give to her office mates before the fasting season. Thank you so much Nad for the order, and I hope you like these little cuties :)

36 mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and vanilla frosting
RM 59

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