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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Strawberry sensation for Munirah's solemnization

Strawberry sensation became one of my specialty cupcakes after Munirah requested it few months ago. She wanted something special for her hantaran (gift for the groom) for her solemnization. I test baked the cupcake and asked her feedback on it and she said she love it. 

This is so far the most famous specialty cupcake. If you have a bite of it you will know why. Strawberry rich cake with yummy biscuit base and creamy cream cheese frosting. 

So there you go Munirah, specialty cupcake for your hantaran. I hope your new family members love these cute cupcakes just like you do :)

16 pieces Strawberry sensation cupcakes
Size: 2 oz
Price: RM 70

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache ordered by Syuhada

Mitsuevo Xn a.k.a Syuhada from Kolej Chanselor, UPM, e-mailed me few weeks ago to order a birthday cake for her friend. She asked me lots of questions about the cakes that I offer, and the one that is suitable within her budget. I asked her few questions of what she likes and suggested her few options, and she finally decided on this one - dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache

Well, technically she asked for whipped cream for the decoration, but after second time decorating the cake it still looked ugly - yes, it is hard to decorate using whipped cream due to its watery consistency. I MMSed her the original cake picture and she requested me to re-decorate the cake using vanilla frosting instead.

I was happy for that since I didn't feel satisfied with the decoration. So the next day I scrapped of the decoration and topping and redecorate the cake using my favorite vanilla frosting.

I asked for her feedback and this is what she said (copy-paste from our e-mail conversation)

ktorang makan td 4 org jer. so senang potong 4 bhgian terus. potong lg sampai suma jadi 8 slices. 
disebabkan kek tu x besar mana, cepat la habis. tu pun semput la kak.... bru mkn sepotong, dah kenyang. 
yer laa.... kek dah coklat, ada ganache tu pulak, mmg gler2 kenyang, hehe.... (ktorg hantu coklat ;p)
mula2 mkn cam ada rasa kek lapis sarawak la kak =)
mampat n padat, haha.... sedap mcm kek sarawak la ;)
nasib baik kek x manis sgt sbb ganache dgn choc. buttercream tu dah manis.

There were 4 of us so it was easy to cut into 4 and we cut  into smaller pieces and got 8 slices. The cake was small thus we finished it quite fast. But we were really full even when we ate one slice. Well, it was a chocolate cake with ganache, obviously we were full hehe (we are crazy for chocolate ;p). When we first ate it, it tasted a little bit like Sarawak layer cake =) Very dense, haha.....delicious just like Sarawak cake ;) It is a good thing that the cake is not that sweet because the ganache and the chocolate buttercream were sweet.

haa....akak....ada lg feedback nak bg. ktorg semalam dah x makan pape utk dinner. juz mkn kek tu ptg lps akak antar tu jer.....
bagus x? hahaaaa..... memang kenyang laa smpai tido....
(tp juz utk org yg mmg dah biasa x mkn berat2 time mlm kot~~ ^^ )

haa...sis (it is common to call sis to a female who is older than you in Bahasa)....I have more feedback. We just ate the cake and didn't have our dinner yesterday. Isn't that nice? hahahahha.........we were fulled until our bedtime....
(only for people who are not used of eating heavy dinner~~ ^^)

Wow, translating from Malay slang to English is not easy *phew* 

7' 2-layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache with vanilla frosting for decoration
Weight: 1 kg
Price: RM 40

Anyway, thanks for the order Syu :) It was really nice chatting with you via e-mail :) Hope your friend love the cake :)

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Specialty cupcakes: Chocoreo Cheez

Introducing my next Oreo specialty cupcake- Chocoreo Cheez, the same Oreo chocolate cake base as Chocoreo Choc but with Oreo cream cheese frosting and Oreo bits on top.

When I brought Chocoreo Choc and Chocoreo Cheez to the lab to test on my 'guinea pigs,' both of them love them so much.

Guinea pig 1 a.k.a Munirah said she preferred Chocoreo Choc while Guinea pig 2 a.k.a Nazira preferred Chocoreo Cheez. Well if you are a chocolate fan I would recommend Chocoreo Choc, but If you are a cream cheese lover (like me) I would suggest the other one :)

Anyway, if you are interested of being my 'guinea pigs' - as in getting to try free cupcakes or goodies when I have extra and give your feedback on them, do let me know. You can eat them for FREE...but, you have to come to my lab (literally) for that hehe 

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mini red velvet cuppies ordered by Kak Ani

My colleague, Kak Ani ordered 36 pieces red vevet cupcakes with vanilla frosting for her beloved daughter. 

She told me that her daughter loved the mini red velvet cuppies that I made before, and she ordered a box for her. I can just imagine her daughter enjoying the cupcake. I met the little angel before and she was soooo adorable :)

36 mini red velvet cuppies with vanilla frosting
RM 46.80

Thanks Kak Ani for the order, I hope your cute daughter loved this :)
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Specialty cupcakes: Chocoreo Choc

Introducing new specialty cupcakes Chocoreo Choc. I remembered when I asked Nazira for the Strawberry Sensation feedback she said she would prefer it if I substitute the base with Oreo biscuit. After the comment I was thinking hmm, not a bad suggestion, but instead of changing the base, why don't I make up new cupcake instead. 

And walla~ here you go new cupcakes under the Specialty cupcakes category :) This cupcake is very rich with Oreo. There is Oreo chunk in the chocolate cake, and Oreo biscuit incorporated with the creamy chocolate buttercream topping and top with large shaved chocolate. 

For cream cheese lover out there wait for my next post because I will show you my next specialty cupcakes :D

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and cream cheese frosting

My friend during preparation before going to the US, Ikin, ordered 25 red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting and cream cheese frosting. 

She requested 13 cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and the rest with cream cheese frosting. To make sure she can tell the difference I made just two design, the swirl design was vanilla frosting and large rose was cream cheese frosting.

Thanks Ikin for the order. She commented on one of my photos on Facebook and she said sedap gile cupcakes hari tu! The cupcakes I ordered the other day were delicious! :) 

25 pieces red velvet cupcakes in 2 oz solo cup
vanilla and cream cheese frosting
RM 78
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting ordered by Sufi

Sufi my colleague from UPM ordered red velvet cake with extra cream cheese topping for makan-makan (eating just for fun). I decided to try out the new food color that I bought and I must say I was pretty happy with the result.
I asked her feedback of the cake and she said "Mas, kek Mas dah nak habis semua orang makan! memang sedap and texture very fine bak kata semua orang. Lepas ni boleh order lagi! hehe" (Mas your cake is almost finish everyone is eating it. It is really delicious and the texture is very fine like what everyone said. I can order more after this! hehe)

Yeay, I'm happy when my customer is happy :)

8' 2 layer red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting
Weight: 2++ kg
Price: RM 100
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mini pavlova ordered by Sarah

Sarah Baharudin- my dear friend, former housemate, and colleague, ordered mini pavlova for her beloved family and in laws :) She ordered 9 mini pavlova with strawberry and kiwi toppings. 

I asked her for her feedback and this is what she and her whole family replied:
Her mom: sedap gile (really yummy)
Her brother: marvellous
Her dad: boleh tahan sedapnya. nak lagi! (the taste is not bad, another one!)
Her husband: wow! Nice
Sarah: All of the above. Lov it darl! couldn't stop! <3 

9 mini pavlova
Size: 4'
Toppings: Fresh kiwi and strawberry with chocolate shave
Price: RM 53

Note: The price of pavlova depends on what kind of fruits you request :)

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ying and Yang cupcakes, and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry ordered by Dr Siti

My supervisor came to me and said "Mas, I want to order cupcakes from you for my brother's birthday, what would you recommend?" Just imagine if the same thing happened to you, how would you react? I was speechless at first, then my mind was blank thinking the suitable cupcakes for him. I gave several suggestions then she was like "I want 20 cupcakes, 10 with chocolate, and 10 with the frosting that tastes like ice cream with strawberry on top"   she was referring to my vanilla frosting btw.

I suggested to her Ying and Yang cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and she agreed with it. When I was preparing the cupcakes, I was really scared that I might mess up the cupcakes.

The day when I gave her the cupcakes, she was really happy and said cantiknya (so pretty). I hope she and her family love the taste as well :)

10 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fresh strawberry in 2 oz cup
10 Ying and Yang cupcakes in 2 oz cup
Price: RM 90

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Banana galore week: Creamy banana layer pudding

After baking the banana cake, I couldn't figure out what to do with the leftover banana. I listed down several things that I wanted to make; pie, serawa pisamg, another banana cake using different recipe, and banana pudding. I finally chose to make pudding because it doesn't require much time hehe.

I remembered I was drooling looking at Safiyyah's banana pudding picture on Facebook that I decided to make something similar using my own recipe (yup, I made my own pudding recipe hebat tak? haha tolonglah puding je kot 

I brought the pudding to the lab so that my friends could get a taste of it. During lunch hour, when I wanted to get a small scoop for my husband, I noticed that the baking pan was 9/10 empty. My friends said that it was sooo good that they couldn't stop eating, and some of them even said that it was the best dessert that they have eaten so far in Malaysia. They said they could find something similar in Iran, but not in Malaysia. Wow the desserts in Iran must be really good then, but I do remember that I had the best vanilla ice cream in Esfahan :D

I told them the reason it tasted good was that I didn't use any substitute to make this pudding. I made it from scratch- neither using custard powder nor instant mix, and the ingredients that I used was  good quality and expensive. Most bakers in Malaysia will use substitute to make their goodies, thus lack in taste.


Too bad I don't have any nice casserole dish at home, it would have look nicer with it :)

Note: I do sell this pudding, you can PM me for more details :)

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rich chocolate brownies ordered by En Azmi

My colleague, En Azmi, ordered rich chocolate brownies for his beloved wife and family in laws *chewah*. En Azmi, a vanilla cake lover like me, said that he ordered something that his wife's family likes to win over their hearts hehehe how sweet :)

I was surprised when he ordered a cake from me because I know how fussy he is over things. However, I felt honored, and hope they like this cake. 

1 layer rich chocolate brownies
Weight: 2 kg
Size: 9'
Price: RM 90 (because I use real chocolate and not chocolate powder)

Brownies is dense and not as soft as normal chocolate cake . If you put brownies in the fridge, please let it set at room temperature first before eating.

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Banana galore week - Banana cake

Ila came to me last Monday, and offered me pisang nangka (pisang - banana; pisang nangka - a variety of banana that has sweet and sour taste) that she got from one of the staffs. I took few pieces to bake cake when suddenly she offered me all of them since no one wanted to have them.

 I called my mom and asked what kind of Malay desserts use pisang nangka, and to my disspointment my mom said pisang goreng (banana friters) and serawa (a type of Malay dessert that mainly consists of coconut milk). I haven't used lots of oil and coconut milk for a while and I don't want to start now.

I decided to bake cake instead even though I know that Malaysians won't use this variety of banana for cake because of its sourish taste. I was having a hard time finding a suitable recipe from my collections thus I decided to play safe and bake banana cake with cream cheese frosting - everyone loves cream cheese right :D

The cake was really nice. I put extra banana thus it tasted a little bit like cekodok (banana balls), and the cream cheese really complemented the cake. I brought the cake to the lab and everyone loved it :)

I will post another banana dessert next time :)
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dark chocolate cake ordered by Izah

My ex-housemate at Davis, Izah, ordered a cake for her parents who came to visit her and her siblings. Wanting something special, she listed down several cakes that she likes and asked my opinion which one that is not too sweet so I recommended this. Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache topping.

The cake was covered with chocolate ganache in between the layer and on top of the cake. It was decorated with cream cheese frosting (yup the white roses were cream cheese) and the leftover of chocolate ganache.

2 layer dark chocolate cake 
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 8'
Frosting: Chocolate ganache and cream cheese
Price: RM 65

I asked her how she liked the cake (yup I am very anal in getting feedback so that I can improve my cooking) and she said it was really nice. She even gave me suggestion on how to make smooth coating of the ganache. If you've noticed, all my ganache coating look sloppy. The reason is that I thought it looks more tempting and yummy. Which one do you think look nicer - sloppy or smooth coating? I will appreciate your feedback :)

Thanks Izah for the order :)
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini red velvet cupcakes with extra cream cheese frosting for Yana's solemnization

Yana, my close friend during primary school ordered 150 mini red velvet cuppies for her solemnization. She requested cream cheese topping to go with the cupcakes and I made sure that each cupcakes were coated with lots of frosting :D I gave her 6 cuppies extra because of the large order she made :)

We met up at Kelana Jaya LRT station, and I parked my car next to the road next to the LRT station. I was surprised when she suddenly parked her car next to mine thus blocking the entrance to the LRT station. I hurriedly gave her the cupcake boxes while the cars behind were maniacally honking at us. 

She messaged me last Friday and said sedap gilerrrrr (very yummy) :) All the honking at the road was worth it after all haha.

150 red velvet mini cupcakes with extra cream cheese topping
RM 1.80 each

Note: Minimum order of mini cupcakes is 36 and maximum is 150. The price of mini cupcakes with not too much cream cheese frosting is RM 1.50 each, and extra cream cheese is RM 1.80 each

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Notice: Will not take any orders from 11 - 14th June

Hi guys,

I am going away and won't be taking any orders from 11 - 14th June 2012 :)
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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Strawberry sensation cupcakes ordered by Nazira

Nazira and her friends from Faculty of Science, UPM, ordered 34 strawberry sensation cupcakes size 2.5 oz. She requested the cupcakes to be put in 4 holes box, so I gave them 2 cupcakes for free and make it 36 cupcakes total.

I kind of like this picture, a ray of light shining the cupcakes and yet the background was shadowed

34 2.5 oz cupcakes
RM 4.60 each

Thanks Ira for your order :) I hope you and your friends love them even though they were a bit dense :)

ps: minimum order of cupcakes is 16, PM me for quotation or details :)

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Friday, 1 June 2012

My birthday cake - Dense vanilla cake with vanilla bean frosting

First of all I want to thank all of you for the birthday wish. Yup, my birthday was last Monday (May 28th) and as all of you expected, I baked my own cake hehehe. I am a  big fan of vanilla so I baked myself a very dense vanilla cake covered with vanilla bean frosting with the help of my lovely husband (thanks sayang :) ). The result...DELISH! Very vanilla-ey :D

The dense cake tasted like kek lapis (layer cake) from Sarawak. It was not spongy like normal cake, but dense and soft.

Owh, the vanilla bean that I scrapped out from vanilla pod brought out intense vanilla-ey taste. If it isn't for the price, I definitely use it for all my cakes.

I brought the cake to the lab where I'm working at, and my lab mates totally love it hehe. Too bad my supervisor came late and couldn't taste the yummy cake huhu. En Azmi finished up the last piece :P

Look at the texture o the cake, it is really dense right? and if you look closely, you could see the vanilla beans :D

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