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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chocoreo cheez cake ordered by Suffi

My colleague, Suffi, ordered another cake from me. She requested a different cake this time so I suggested her this. Chocoreo cheez cake- chocolate oreo cake with oreo cream cheese topping. The cake, as the name suggested, is filled with lots of oreo biscuits. If you are a fan of oreo, you definitely have to try this :)

The cake was for her husband farewell barbeque party, and I drove to her house to deliver this cake. Please note I don't do delivery because of my labwork, but this was on Saturday thus I have some free time to go to her place (while my PCR was running). And yeah, delivery will cost more since the price is for two ways (go and back) so it is cheaper if you pick up your goodies anyway - this is my honest suggestion :)

Chocoreo cheez cake (it is not Oreo cheesecake fyi)
2++ kg
Pricing: RM 90
Delivery to Shah Alam: RM 20
Total: RM 110

I asked her opinion of this cake and this is what she said:

Guess what, kek Mas dah habes dimakan! lg sedap dr ur red velvet. Sumeorg yg mkn kata sedap.and siap ade yg mtk nk order kt Suffi! Haaahaa

Guess what, your cake is finished! It is more delicious than your red velvet. Eveyone who ate said it was yummy, they even asked me to order! Haahaa

Thanks Suffi for the order and the nice comment :)


amalyarustystar said...

Muniroh, may i know what are the tips that you used to pipe the designs for this cake? Please email your reply to I really love your cakes !:)

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