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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My story

I have sweet tooth and I've always liked eating sweet stuff that my sister baked when I was a small girl, that was until she went to university and I had to bake the goodies myself. It started with brownies and eventually with other desserts. I started baking cakes for friends' birthdays when I was in university, and most of them were instant mixes since that was the cheapest option for poor sponsored college student like me. I would say that the decoration was not bad for an amateur who never took any baking or decorating class haha

Birthday cake for Kumitaa and birthday cupcakes for Faris baked by me using instant mix that costed $1 (RM 4) at Safeway during promotion. Hella cheap right?

When I came back to Malaysia, I had the opportunity to attend  cupcake class held by Kak Edina. The class was really fun and plus the teacher was super nice and helpful :) I learnt how to use piping bag correctly and the proper technique of decorating cupcakes using buttercream. I made a cupcake business for a while called CuppyCuppy  but had to discontinue it because I wanted to concentrate on my research and I didn't have an oven at my rental house.

Years gone by and I was at the peak of my stress level and I needed SUGAR!

Before I was married, I always bought cakes, pies etc at L'apprenti, UPM - the nearest distance and cheapest option from my lab. I remember I went there once a week whenever I didn't get good lab result - yup doing research is not easy T_T . I still did that when I'm married (sometimes) when I realized I can just easily bake my own cakes at home. So whenever I needed sugar, I just whipped up something and put it in the oven. I took half (or quarter) at home and brought the rest to the lab so that I won't gain (that much) weight

I kept doing it for a while when I realized baking every week was not cheap. So I decided to open up baking business again but this time with more variety of goodies.

We (me and my husband) initially named it Cake Monster, and he even asked his brother to design cute monsters for my business (thanks Marius :). We changed it to Muniroh's bakery instead 
when my husband realized that my blog template did not match with the Cake Monster theme where it is supposed to be colorful and catchy.

Cute monsters sketched by Marius :)

Do I still do labwork? YES! I am a biotechnologist at day and an amateur baker at night, and I hope that I can be good in both in the future :) 


Edi said...

ni blog baru ke? dulu mcm kak edi ade link kat awak py blog... rsnyer cam lain je.. btw nice work! awak kije kat UPM lg eh?

Mas Nadzir Will said...

yup blog baru, blog lama tu dah tak guna dah. sekarang ni dah tak focus kat cupcakes je, buat benda2 lain sekali :)

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