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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hummingbird cake and mini pavlova with strawberry ordered by Suffi

This was Suffi's third order from me (thanks Suffi :) ) She ordered hummingbird cake with pecan and extra cream cheese frosting and mini pavlova with strawberry for her sister in law engagement ceremony. Since I was in Shah Alam visiting my sister, I dropped by her place and delivered the goodies.

I asked Sufi's feedback for both goodies and she said that she loved the pavlova :) Hummingbird cake was okay for her. It is good, but it didn't give her the same 'kick' like my red velvet cake or chocoreo cheez cake. I asked her whether she likes it more than carrot cake, and she said that she loves carrot cake, but this one have more banana taste and she does not really favor it. Thank you so much for the honest feedback Suffi, I really appreciate that. I'm gong to recommend her and my other customers the types of goodies that are suitable for their liking :)

The taste of hummingbird cake is a combination of carrot cake and banana cake, but bare in mind that the banana taste is intense in this cake. If you don't favor banana taste, then I won't recommend this cake for you. If you on other hand like me who loves banana, then this one is for you :) 

I find it funny that most Malaysians don't really like banana and coconut flavors while it is the other way around in the US. I guess because banana and coconut are at abundance in Malaysia, lots of people don't really appreciate the taste like in the US.

2-layer hummingbird cake with pecan and extra cream cheese frosting
Weight: 2+ kg
Price: RM 80
16 2.5 inch mini pavlova with strawberry and chocolate shaved
RM: 45

Anyway thanks for the order Suffi, and thank you for the honest feedback :) Next time I would recommend something chocolatey and cheesy because I think that suit your taste more :)


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