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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dark chocolate cake ordered by Amy

Amy, my former housemate, ordered dark chocolate cake for her lab. Her lab was having makan-makan (a favorite term for Malaysians which simply mean eat or eating for fun) and she ordered this cake for her lab members. I topped the cake with creamy vanilla frosting and oreo cream cheese frosting thus explain the grey and white roses.

Amy sms-ed me of her nice feedback and this is what she said:

Kek sedap! Padat. Kenyang giler! texture mcm brownies. Yg penting frosting tu sedap giler. Terutama yang cheese oreo tu mmg best sgt! Suke! Kwn2 yang tak suke mkn cream pun boleh makan. At first dorg takut manis sgt or tak sedap mcm cream yang jual kat kedai tu. But then, amy ckp yang ni lain...haa..diaorang try, then makan sampai habis. Semua makan cream and cake. xde yg buang rose kecuali soang iranian dia kate takut gemuk. Kami bantai je sampai habis. kek tak habis lagi ni..sbb kami mkn lepas lunch. mmg sgt padat la perut kami....tq kak!!!

The cake is delicious! Dense. We were so fulled! the texture is like bownies, but the most important thing is that the frosting is delicious. Especially the oreo cream cheese. I like! My friends who don't like to eat cream also eat it. At first they were scared it will be sweet or not delicious like the ones at stores. But then, I told them this is different, so they tried and even finished it up. Everyone at the cake and cream, no one discarded the rose except for one because she is afraid to gain weight. We just ate everything. hehehe...but the cake is not finished yet because we ate after luch. Our stomach is so full...tq sis!!!!

2 layer dark chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla frosting and oreo cream cheese frosting
Size: 8'
Weight: 2++kg
Price: RM 70


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