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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hummingbird cake - Yummy cake combination of banana cake and carrot cake

I was interested of baking this cake after I saw the recipe at Safiyyah's cool Magnolia Bakery cookbook. The name of this cake caught my eyes, and I have been dying to try the recipe ever since. Even though I was quite reluctant to bake it after knowing that pineapple is one of the main ingredients, I changed my mind after reading some of the great reviews about this cake. 

This cake was originated from Southern part of United States, and it is one of the famous cakes along with red velvet cake at that region. Some of the bakers said that the cake got its name because of the sweetness of the cake just like the nectar of the flowers. Knowing that, I reduce a lot amount of sugar because I want the cake to be just nice and not too sweet. 

I served this cake to our German guest and his Indonesian fiance during dinner. Both of them love the cake, and I love the cake as well. The cake is moist and dense because of banana, and the pecan makes it really caramel-ly and flavorful. Surprisingly, I could not taste the pineapple at all so this cake definitely a winner :D 

The cake, just like other reviewers said, does taste like combination of carrot cake and banana cake. Since I am a fan of both cakes, this cake is listed among of my favorites along with vanilla cake and tres leches cake. 

The fact pecan is one of the main ingredienst made me feel down a little bit because pecan costs RM 22++ (USD 7.3) for 250 g in Malaysia T_T. How I wish all dairy products and dried nuts and fruits are cheaper here.

p.s: let me know if you want to order this cake, I could use walnut for cheaper substitute. 


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