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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Banana galore week: Creamy banana layer pudding

After baking the banana cake, I couldn't figure out what to do with the leftover banana. I listed down several things that I wanted to make; pie, serawa pisamg, another banana cake using different recipe, and banana pudding. I finally chose to make pudding because it doesn't require much time hehe.

I remembered I was drooling looking at Safiyyah's banana pudding picture on Facebook that I decided to make something similar using my own recipe (yup, I made my own pudding recipe hebat tak? haha tolonglah puding je kot 

I brought the pudding to the lab so that my friends could get a taste of it. During lunch hour, when I wanted to get a small scoop for my husband, I noticed that the baking pan was 9/10 empty. My friends said that it was sooo good that they couldn't stop eating, and some of them even said that it was the best dessert that they have eaten so far in Malaysia. They said they could find something similar in Iran, but not in Malaysia. Wow the desserts in Iran must be really good then, but I do remember that I had the best vanilla ice cream in Esfahan :D

I told them the reason it tasted good was that I didn't use any substitute to make this pudding. I made it from scratch- neither using custard powder nor instant mix, and the ingredients that I used was  good quality and expensive. Most bakers in Malaysia will use substitute to make their goodies, thus lack in taste.


Too bad I don't have any nice casserole dish at home, it would have look nicer with it :)

Note: I do sell this pudding, you can PM me for more details :)


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