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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache ordered by Syuhada

Mitsuevo Xn a.k.a Syuhada from Kolej Chanselor, UPM, e-mailed me few weeks ago to order a birthday cake for her friend. She asked me lots of questions about the cakes that I offer, and the one that is suitable within her budget. I asked her few questions of what she likes and suggested her few options, and she finally decided on this one - dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache

Well, technically she asked for whipped cream for the decoration, but after second time decorating the cake it still looked ugly - yes, it is hard to decorate using whipped cream due to its watery consistency. I MMSed her the original cake picture and she requested me to re-decorate the cake using vanilla frosting instead.

I was happy for that since I didn't feel satisfied with the decoration. So the next day I scrapped of the decoration and topping and redecorate the cake using my favorite vanilla frosting.

I asked for her feedback and this is what she said (copy-paste from our e-mail conversation)

ktorang makan td 4 org jer. so senang potong 4 bhgian terus. potong lg sampai suma jadi 8 slices. 
disebabkan kek tu x besar mana, cepat la habis. tu pun semput la kak.... bru mkn sepotong, dah kenyang. 
yer laa.... kek dah coklat, ada ganache tu pulak, mmg gler2 kenyang, hehe.... (ktorg hantu coklat ;p)
mula2 mkn cam ada rasa kek lapis sarawak la kak =)
mampat n padat, haha.... sedap mcm kek sarawak la ;)
nasib baik kek x manis sgt sbb ganache dgn choc. buttercream tu dah manis.

There were 4 of us so it was easy to cut into 4 and we cut  into smaller pieces and got 8 slices. The cake was small thus we finished it quite fast. But we were really full even when we ate one slice. Well, it was a chocolate cake with ganache, obviously we were full hehe (we are crazy for chocolate ;p). When we first ate it, it tasted a little bit like Sarawak layer cake =) Very dense, haha.....delicious just like Sarawak cake ;) It is a good thing that the cake is not that sweet because the ganache and the chocolate buttercream were sweet.

haa....akak....ada lg feedback nak bg. ktorg semalam dah x makan pape utk dinner. juz mkn kek tu ptg lps akak antar tu jer.....
bagus x? hahaaaa..... memang kenyang laa smpai tido....
(tp juz utk org yg mmg dah biasa x mkn berat2 time mlm kot~~ ^^ )

haa...sis (it is common to call sis to a female who is older than you in Bahasa)....I have more feedback. We just ate the cake and didn't have our dinner yesterday. Isn't that nice? hahahahha.........we were fulled until our bedtime....
(only for people who are not used of eating heavy dinner~~ ^^)

Wow, translating from Malay slang to English is not easy *phew* 

7' 2-layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache with vanilla frosting for decoration
Weight: 1 kg
Price: RM 40

Anyway, thanks for the order Syu :) It was really nice chatting with you via e-mail :) Hope your friend love the cake :)


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