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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini red velvet cupcakes with extra cream cheese frosting for Yana's solemnization

Yana, my close friend during primary school ordered 150 mini red velvet cuppies for her solemnization. She requested cream cheese topping to go with the cupcakes and I made sure that each cupcakes were coated with lots of frosting :D I gave her 6 cuppies extra because of the large order she made :)

We met up at Kelana Jaya LRT station, and I parked my car next to the road next to the LRT station. I was surprised when she suddenly parked her car next to mine thus blocking the entrance to the LRT station. I hurriedly gave her the cupcake boxes while the cars behind were maniacally honking at us. 

She messaged me last Friday and said sedap gilerrrrr (very yummy) :) All the honking at the road was worth it after all haha.

150 red velvet mini cupcakes with extra cream cheese topping
RM 1.80 each

Note: Minimum order of mini cupcakes is 36 and maximum is 150. The price of mini cupcakes with not too much cream cheese frosting is RM 1.50 each, and extra cream cheese is RM 1.80 each


xuanazua said...

Hye, i yg oder skali dgn sheila semalam..
just nak ckp, ur cuppies mmg heaven ye!
ade ofismate kami nak oder gak =D

Mas Nadzir Will said...

oh yeke, wow thanks :) Ada orang SMS I semalam tapi sebab I ada function I reply lambat. Maybe tu your ofismate kot

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