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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and cream cheese frosting

My friend during preparation before going to the US, Ikin, ordered 25 red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting and cream cheese frosting. 

She requested 13 cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and the rest with cream cheese frosting. To make sure she can tell the difference I made just two design, the swirl design was vanilla frosting and large rose was cream cheese frosting.

Thanks Ikin for the order. She commented on one of my photos on Facebook and she said sedap gile cupcakes hari tu! The cupcakes I ordered the other day were delicious! :) 

25 pieces red velvet cupcakes in 2 oz solo cup
vanilla and cream cheese frosting
RM 78


missK said...

memang sedap gile!hehe..had tried 4 different red velvet cupcakes and this was the best so far. I liked the texture of the cake and the hint of cocoa flavor was really there..and both vanilla and cheese frostings were just nice (not too sweet n x muak)..the only thing that i wish was different: red coloring..maybe next time kalau order lagi, i prefer less coloring in the cake coz this one was too dark..will be ordering more in the future, inshaAllah :) (there goes my long feedback :P)

Mas Nadzir Will said...

wow thank you for the nice feedback. I didn't even use a bottle of red coloring (like what people usually do) and you still considered it red, thanks for the suggestion, I will consider of using fewer amount of red coloring in the future. Thanks Ikin :) Which frosting you like best btw? I personally like vanilla frosting more because it is similar to the traditional red velvet cake, and yeah I'm a big fan of vanilla too hehe

missK said...

Thanks for considering the comment :) I loved both frosting..but I like vanilla frosting more too..could eat that frosting alone like ice-cream..hehehe..*actually my lil brother did that and told other to eat his cake, coz he's weird i guess :P*

Mas Nadzir Will said...

lol lawak gila!!!

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